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Transit Coating rust control treatment is designed for vehicles and machinery being barged or sea freighted. It prevents salt spray from damaging the external panels and body during transit or operating in severe remote island conditions.

Application Procedures

Your vehicle is placed in a spray booth area, all windows and glass are masked up and using high-pressure spray equipment the entire external panels, tray, body, bullbars, wheel rims etc are sprayed with a heavy-duty coat of wax-based solution or tectyl corrosion coating. Both solutions are for vehicles requiring a semi-permanent transit corrosion coating. Rustmaster Metal Sealer was designed to dry on all surfaces and offer a more permanent coating against corrosion on machinery operating in these severe harsh conditions.

Final Procedure

The vehicle is then left to dry, all masking is removed and the vehicle is rechecked and touched up prior to delivery.


Optional Corrosion Treatments offered at Roland Graf’s Auto Centre

  • Vehicle & Light Commercial Rust proofing
  • Heavy Duty Rust proofing
  • Extreme Heavy Duty Rust proofing
  • Electronic Rust Control Systems

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