Rust Proofing



Comprehensive Protection

Rust proofing is one of the services that we are best known and trusted for in the region. That’s because for over 25 years we have been Rust proofing vehicles, trucks and machinery the old conventional way. This means that not only do we spray the under side of vehicles but we also take door trims off, remove inner panels and spray all cavities. This ensures we apply product to as many places as we can. We don’t take shortcuts and we do our best to ensure a quality service.

The Roland Graf Rust proofing levels on offer:

Standard Rust Proof

Standard rust proof

Includes pressure clean/spray underside of vehicle with a black bitumen based product/ wax based product is then applied to all internal cavities.
Heavy Duty Rust Proof

Heavy duty rust proof

Includes pressure clean/coating of clear rust proofing to the underside and internal cavities with a black bitumen based product. Allow to dry for a day and then spray the wax based rust proofing on top.
Extreme Heavy Duty Rust Proof

Extreme heavy duty rust proof

Same procedure as the heavy duty rust proofing then a coating of tectyl 506 is sprayed to engine, ... Read more
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