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Tin Roofs, Boats, Car Trailers, Tools, Vintage farm items, Earthmoving & Ag equipment, and even Seaside buildings and Fishing equipment are all items that have had their lives extended thanks to Rustmaster Products.

Rustmaster Alucoat penetrates rust, repelling moisture on metal surfaces, but on those consisting of Rustmaster to which is added brilliant aluminium flakes, 28% by weight which produces a coating of exceptional protection and wearing qualities. Effectively, this product is used as somewhat of a top coat.


Rustmaster Metalmaster is a blend of Rustmasters Alucoat and Zinc Phosphates. This product would best be used for slight rust and to seal clean lightly abraded steel and a stable coating on products such as aluminium and weathered galvanised steel. Download the product sheet from their website today.

We Use 3 Main Rustmaster Products

  • Rustmaster Metal Sealer
  • Rustmaster Alucoat
  • Rustmaster Metalmaster

Rustmaster Metal Sealer penetrates rust and repels moisture on metal surfaces. It’s a non-pigment product, which means it won’t change the colour of your metal, in fact it’s been developed to noticeably extend paint duration on both rusty and non-rusty steel surfaces. You can download the product data sheet here.

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