Paint Protection



Latest Technology

Roland Graf’s Auto Centre proudly uses the Slip Stream product range as their preferred vehicle paint protection offering. The ultimate glass plexin technology to preserve and protect the variations of modern vehicle paintwork, including hard or soft clear coats maintaining its deep gloss providing an even greater protection against environmental factors which can cause irreversible damage.

Having Slip Stream’s highly developed Paint Sealant applied to your vehicle will guarantee to lock in that original paint code colour thereby eliminating any chance of fading and premature aging. It also helps to increase resale value.

Slip Steam paint protection protects against:

At Roland Graf we will work closely with you to understand your personal requirements, then recommend the best paint protection for you. Our friendly staff will call you when your car is ready.
  • UV Rays
  • Bug Splatter
  • Industrial fallout
  • Salt spray
  • Grime
  • Oxidisation
  • Road pollution including tar
  • Oil
  • Dirt

Application of Slip Stream PAINT PRotection by Roland Graf’s Auto Centre will ensure:

  • Locks in the vehicles original paint colour
  • Reduces fading and discolouration
  • Less maintenance of your vehicle
  • Colour matching touch ups

To book or to find out more, just ask one of our friendly staff members how they can help with your needs by calling 07 4031 5457 or enter your details via the form on our contact page.