Fabric Protection

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Roland Graf’s Auto Centre proudly uses the Slip Stream product range as their preferred vehicle fabric protection offering.


Prior to application of Slip Stream, our team will ensure that your fabric and carpets undergo a comprehensive cleaning process. Slip Stream’s cutting-edge technology forms a microscopic bond with the fabric fibres, to create a durable barrier.  This barrier will protect your fabric and carpet from spills, dirt, environmental factors, and wear and tear.


Give yourself peace of mind when in the car, by having your car fitted with Slip Stream fabric protection! Call us today to book your car in!

Why Use Fabric Protection?

  • It’s a ONCE ONLY application
  • The fabric and carpet protection stops odours and fabric fading
  • Repels food and beverage stains
  • It’s water repellent
  • Prevents fading from the sun’s UV rays
  • It’s perfect for young families or pets.
  • Will extend the life of the interior fabric
  • Increases vehicle’s resale value



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