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Roland Graf’s Auto Centre


The trusted partner for your vehicle

With over 25 years in business, Roland Graf’s Auto Centre is a small but progressive family run local Australian business based in Cairns, Queensland.
Auto Centre — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
As a trusted, valued and reliable member of our local community, we operate a fully functional workshop that caters for the application of all vehicle protective treatments, specialising in:

  • Rust Proofing and corrosion systems
  • Aftermarket Vehicle Protection Treatments including Window Tinting and Protection products
  • Australian Quarantine approved cleaning premises
  • Rhino Linings ‘ Spray on’ polyurethane ute liner
  • Rustmaster range of corrosion control products; and
  • Solar Gard Window Film tools and accessories for your home, office or car.
We are locals who, put simply, we love what we do. We put our heart and souls into our work to ensure your needs are thoroughly met. Contact us today for a no obligation friendly chat to see how we can best help you.

For more information about our products, please feel free check out their websites below.

Rust Proof Coating — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
Prevent rust and corrosion damage from effecting your vehicle with comprehensive rust proofing. Choose from standard, heavy duty or extreme heavy duty rust proofing to protect your car, truck and machinery.
Newly Tinted Window Car — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
Window tinting can reduce sun glare, providing UV protection and keeping your car cooler during summer. Essentially this makes fuel consumption more effective by reducing the need for air conditioning.
Car Truck — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
Protect the paint work of your vehicle and guard against fading using the latest technology. Check out our Vehicle Protection services by clicking the link below or call us on (07) 4031 5457.
Car with Rhino Linings — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
Get the easy answer to moulded ute linings to create air tight seals, prevent rust and cracking and resist deep scratches. Give us a call on (07) 4031 5454 for more information about our Rhino Linings
Cement Mixer Truck — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
Powerful coating solutions that penetrate rust and repel surface moisture. Used effectively to treat rust and refurbish metal machinery, equipment, vehicles and even buildings.
Car Under Quarantine — Roland Graf’s Auto Centre in Parramatta, QLD
Effective quarantining and isolation methods help prevent diseases and contagions from animal, plant and food products from spreading, having ... Read more